America’s roads and highways are where we run our errands, travel to see family, or enjoy a trip to a new city. But they are also the lifeline of much of the United States economy, meaning the roadway can be packed with commercial truckers.

These hulking trucks can weigh more than 80,000 pounds, much larger than a typical automobile, which maxes out at about 30,000 pounds. Because of their added size and weight, it comes down to simple physics: in the event of an accident, an 18-wheeler can cause a lot of damage and, sadly, even fatalities.

Truckers might be fatigued or driving too quickly. They might not remember to check their mirrors, or they might be driving on worn tires. In any circumstance, an accident involving a commercial truck is a grave situation.

The personal injury attorneys at Morris Bart can help you navigate the complex realities of a commercial truck accident case – call us today.

What should I do if I’m involved in an 18-wheeler accident?

Though we always recommend contacting experienced attorneys after an accident, there is perhaps no time where it is more important to do so than after an accident involving an 18-wheeler.

Commercial truck drivers are backed by large corporations who equip themselves with teams of lawyers in case of an accident. You can guarantee they will have legal help already lined up – but do you?

Before you do anything else, like photograph the scene or search for witnesses, seek legal assistance from Morris Bart. We can ensure your claim is properly assessed and ensure your right to financial compensation.

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