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Morris Bart Personal Injury Successes

Other Results

  • $925,000.00: Knee surgery
  • $853,000.00: Shattered heels of both feet
  • $800,000.00: Knee replacement & neck surgery
  • $750,000.00: Cervical & lumbar surgery
  • $678,597.42: Severely fractured hip
  • $650,000.00: Cervical surgery
  • $650,000.00: Neck & back surgery
  • $507,000.00: Sternal fracture, clavicle fracture, ankle fracture with multiple surgeries, laceration above eye
  • $492,661.56: Back surgery
  • $450,000.00: Lumbar spinal cord stimulator implatation & foot surgery
  • $450,000.00: Aggravation to a pre-existing lumbar condition
  • $410,000.00: Back surgery
  • $390,000.00: Head injury & leg fracture
  • $351,835.86: Aggravation to a pre-existing asymptomatic lumbar condition
  • $325,000.00: Neck & shoulder injuries
  • $321,000.00: Back surgery
  • $300,000.00: Broken leg, scalp laceration, back surgery, hand surgery
  • $300,000.00: Back surgery
  • $269,719.46: Disc herniation in his back
  • $250,600.00: Knee surgery & aggravation to a pre-existing asymptomatic lumbar condition
  • $250,000.00: Herniated disc lower back
  • $250,000.00: Shoulder surgery & neck injury
  • $250,000.00: Sustained injuries to his neck and underwent neck surgery
  • $242,364.72: Aggravation to a pre-existing lumbar condition
  • $235,000.00: Neck surgery
  • $225,000.00: Aggravation to a pre-existing symptomatic cervical condition with surgery
  • $214,000.00: Neck surgery
  • $200,000.00: Neck pain with posterior cervical decompression
  • $200,000.00: Thoracic, Lumbar, rib fracture
  • $200,000.00: Low back surgery
  • $200,000.00: Fractured ankle with surgery
  • $180,000.00: Shoulder surgery
  • $179,941.63: Shoulder and knee arthroscopic surgeries
  • $171,310.00: Sustained a disc herniation in her low back, a shoulder injury, a knee injury, and neck pain. She underwent shoulder surgery and arthroscopic surgery on her left knee.
  • $165,571.70: Sustained an injury to her ankle which required surgery
  • $160,000.00: Herniated disc in the neck
  • $155,000.00: Neck soft tissue injuries requiring cervical decompression surgery
  • $151,000.00: Neck surgery
  • $1,250,000.00: Neck and back surgery
  • $950,000.00: Lumbar and shoulder surgery
  • $912,000.00: Back injuries which resulted in back surgery
  • $750,000.00: Neck surgery
  • $600,000.00: Injuries to shoulder, back, neck and arms; decompressive Laminectomy and Disectomy
  • $600,000.00: Severe hip fracture as well as multiple rib fractures, nasal fractures and other miscellaneous injuries
  • $539,250.00: Neck injuries and a three level cervical fusion, including treating depression
  • $427,808.55: Hotel settlement from BP Oil Spill
  • $425,000.00: Broken leg with surgery and dislocated knee
  • $400,000.00: Neck and back injury, and ultimately underwent a one level lumbar fusion
  • $355,146.95: Cervical fusion
  • $311,382.07: Back surgery
  • $300,00.00: Serious facial fractures and reconstructive surgery
  • $263,460.74: Lumbar surgery
  • $250,00.00: Back, neck and shoulder injuries
  • $250,00.00: Neck, shoulder and back pain
  • $250,00.00: Fractured humerus, which required surgery
  • $230,00.00: Spine, arm, legs, neck, back and head injuries
  • $225,00.00: Broken left leg and an aggravation of some traumatic arthritis in the knee
  • $221,710.79: Herniated disk in the neck
  • $200,000.00: Impingement-ed left shoulder
  • $200,000.00: Two arthroscopic knee surgeries
  • $200,000.00: Lower back injury
  • $187,866.61: Broken ribs, lacerations, and head, neck and back injury
  • $180,000.00: Knee surgery, with ongoing care needed and ongoing back and knee pain
  • $175,000.00: Herniated discs in neck and back
  • $160,000.00: Neck surgery
  • $155,000.00: Back surgery
  • $150,000.00: Cervical/thoracic/lumbar strain
  • $150,000.00: Broken femur, requiring surgery
  • $150,000.00: Neck surgery

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