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Accidents happen, but what happens next is in your hands. If you’ve been a victim of personal injury, it is imperative that you surround yourself with the best legal care.

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Morris Bart has made it his life’s work to serve the people of Louisiana. Since its founding, the Morris Bart law firm has been an institution of committed legal professionals who fight for personal injury victims all over the Gulf South. With over 35 years of experience and 16 locations across four states, we’ve made it easy for you to choose a high-quality personal injury attorney.

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An insurance company’s first priority is to get you to settle quickly. Our first priority is to get you the compensation you may deserve.

You’re wondering – “do I need a personal injury lawyer?”

If you are a victim of personal injury or an auto accident, you don’t want to be victimized again.

If you have sustained an injury in a car accident, in an 18 wheeler wreck, in an offshore drilling incident, on private property, or if you have a class action claim, contact us. No matter what type of accident: call, chat, or email us today! We offer free consultations and are available 24/7.

Filing a claim can be a frustrating, complex process and the courtroom can be intimidating—but this is where the attorneys of Morris Bart excel! Victims of personal injury need to focus solely on their own recovery above all else. We keep you informed of the facts and guide you through the complex court system, so you can focus on healing physically and emotionally.

Empower yourself and take a step toward the best results. Get the Bart Advantage.

Areas of Practice

We specialize in personal injury cases, including automobile accidents, workers’ compensation, premises liability, offshore drilling, and some class action lawsuits. We’ve handled 18 wheeler accidents, slip and fall injuries, lost wages claims, and defective product lawsuits, amongst many other types of cases. Want more details? Click below.

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