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Sustaining injuries due to the negligent actions of an individual or company is no small burden. You may face overwhelming life changes and mounting medical bills with no financial way out. Therefore, you may need the services of a personal injury lawyer serving Gulfport to help you navigate through this tough time. Your physical and mental health matter, so hold those responsible for your injuries accountable for their actions. With a personal injury lawyer from Morris Bart, LTD on your side, you can fight to receive the compensation you deserve. Call us at (228) 357-9621 to discuss your case with a member of our team.

Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Immediately After an Accident

We understand that your daily routine and life can change drastically following a personal injury accident. However, we recommend you seek the services of a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible, preferably soon after visiting your healthcare provider. Below, you will find the top ways a personal injury lawyer representing you in your litigation can help.

  • The statute of limitations. Believe it or not, you have a limited time to sue those responsible for your injuries. Per the Mississippi statute of limitations, a prospective plaintiff has three years from the date of the alleged accident to file a civil lawsuit. Failure to take legal action within the stipulated time frame can render your case moot.
  • Legal procedures. While many people choose to represent themselves in their litigation, we recommend that you let a lawyer take the reins. There are legal procedures involved in every lawsuit, and working with a personal injury lawyer will protect you from taking steps or making decisions that will jeopardize your right to receive the compensation you deserve.
  • Insurance companies. The goal of any company is to keep their costs down while increasing revenue, which is why the first settlement offer from an insurance company is typically less than what you need. However, a personal injury lawyer from Morris Bart, LTD can fight to ensure that you receive every penny owed to you. They will represent you during settlement negotiations and will not hesitate to proceed to trial if an equitable amount is not reached. Call now at 1-800-537-8185 to learn more.
  • Liability. Proving liability and connecting the responsible party to your injury is not as simple as it sounds. It can be a complicated process, even with police reports, medical reports, digital evidence, witnesses, and testimonies. The good news is that a legal representative can overcome all these hurdles and make sure that you win your case free and clear.

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Types of Injuries in Civil Cases

There are three types of liable injuries in personal injury cases. They are:

  • Bodily harm. This injury refers to the physical injuries that the plaintiff suffers due to the negligent actions of the defendant. Bodily harm also extends to medical expenses and treatment needed to stop the injuries from killing or further harming the plaintiff.
  • Emotional distress. The actions of an individual or entity can harm someone on a psychological level, in a way that they cannot function as they once did. Here, the person may be so emotionally distraught that it affects their social life.
  • Pain and suffering. Typically, bodily injury is associated with pain and suffering. A burn victim is likely to experience tremendous pain and suffering. They may also lose their ability to perform certain tasks and have the legal right to compensation for their loss.

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Tactics Used Against Personal Injury Victims

This list is not to say that all insurance companies do these tactics, but here are some of the common tactics some insurance companies and adjusters have employed to settle personal injury cases:

  • A quick settlement offer. An insurance adjuster will offer monetary compensation before you think about filing a lawsuit or even understand the full extent of your injuries. Many people accept this settlement due to being out of work, mounting bills, or feeling overwhelmed about taking the legal route. We advise that you turn it down because, typically, the offer is significantly lower than what you are legally owed.
  • Statements and releases. An insurance adjuster can tell you that they need a series of written or recorded statements to verify the facts in order to process your claim. While it may seem logical, they can misinterpret your answers and use them against you in court. They can also ask you to sign a release of your medical records. By giving them your consent, they can access your complete medical history and use any pre-existing condition or information to debate and potentially ask a judge to dismiss your claim.
  • Delay and deny. Since the state only allows a prospective plaintiff to file a personal injury lawsuit within a limited time frame, the insurance company of the liable party can string you along with false promises and numerous requests for more information until the specified time elapses. This tactic is why you need to let a personal injury lawyer handle your legal affairs. They know the tactics insurance companies and their adjusters have used and have efficient ways of dealing with them.

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Working with Morris Bart, LTD

When we represent our clients at the negotiating table, our goal is to protect their legal rights and get every penny legally owed to them. When you hire Morris Bart, LTD, for your Gulfport personal injury lawsuit, our personal injury lawyers will support you with more than 30 years of litigation service. To see how we can help you win your case, call us today at (228) 357-9621.

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