Accidents happen; but if your accident was the result of negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

Negligence can happen in a number of ways and is defined as conduct by an individual, business or government entity that is unreasonable under the circumstances and that causes harm

Negligence can be seen every day with pedestrian accidents. A pedestrian accident can be anything from an automobile hitting a person to unsafe conditions outside of a building. If you think you have suffered from a pedestrian accident, call an attorney immediately.

What is a pedestrian accident?

Pedestrian accidents occur when you are injured on foot by a negligent party. Pedestrian accidents occur when you are hit by a truck or car; but there are also non-vehicular pedestrian accidents. If you were injured through the negligence of a property owner, you are qualified to make a premises liability claim.

What should you do after a pedestrian accident?

  1. Never leave the scene of the accident. Even a minor incident can result in a terrible injury. Stay at the scene of the accident so you can gather all of the information you need to make your case.
  2. Call the police. A police officer will be able to gather information and create legitimate record of the incident. Make sure to obtain all police reports for your records.
  3. Gather information. Even though you will have a police report, you should make sure you’re covering all of the bases. Obtain the following:
    • Names and contact information from all parties involved
    • Drivers license and license plate numbers from all parties involved
    • Names and contact information of any witnesses
  4. Take photos. Take pictures of your injuries as well as the location of the accident. You can never have enough photos.
  5. See a doctor. If you are hurting, consult a licensed medical practitioner to properly document any injuries sustained as a result of your accident. Relatively minor accidents can result in severe injuries, requiring hospitalization, doctors’ visits, physical therapy and even surgery.
  6. Call Morris Bart. You will not be properly compensated for your injuries if you do not involve a legal professional. Call a pedestrian accident attorney and fight for your rights.

Morris Bart, LLC Attorneys At Law is one of the largest plaintiff personal injury law firms in the country. We have the experience and resources to win your case. Our attorneys can offer valuable and necessary legal advice, assist you with your claim and protect your rights.

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