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Dangerous Drugs

Prescription drugs are meant to help those with a medical condition or ailment. Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to clearly disclose any potentially harmful side effects.  If you have been injured due to a dangerous drug, we may be able to help.

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Defective Products

When a faulty medical device or consumer product causes a personal injury, the manufacturer may be held responsible to pay damages to those who have suffered. Our team has proven success with these types of cases.

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Current Cases

Zantac (Ranitidine)

The FDA is investigating the link between Zantac, a popular medication for acid reflux, and NDMA, a carcinogen related to many types of cancer. If you’ve taken Zantac or its generic ranitidine, you may be affected.
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From 2006 to 2017 Zostavax was the only shingles vaccine available in the US. But after a decade in use over 100,000 patients have reported problems with the vaccine to the FDA. Here’s the important information you need to know.
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Truvada has been an important drug in the fight against HIV for over a decade, but recent studies show it may be connected to life-threatening injured liver problems. Here’s what Truvada patients need to know.

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3M Combat Arms Earplugs

The 3M company who held the exclusive contract to manufacture military ear plugs for over a decade has admitted it knew they didn’t work properly or even at all. What does this mean for service members who counted on these defective earplugs?
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Roundup (Glyphosate)

One of Monsanto’s key products, Roundup, has been helping farmers and lawn enthusiasts kill weeds for decades. But as evidence mounts that the herbicide has been linked to cancer, should people be concerned about exposure to this probable human carcinogen?
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Viagra is one of the most prescribed drugs in history; however, recent studies show that users may not have been aware that taking the drug could drastically increase their chances of developing a dangerous skin cancer called melanoma.
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Mirena IUD

This contraceptive implant has been found to cause a rare condition known as pseudotumor cerebri (PTC), or a “false brain tumor,” which includes side effects such as blurred vision, ringing ears, severe headaches, or swelling of the optic nerves.
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Past Cases


The product is marketed as non-hormonal birth control and is sold as a less invasive form of permanent birth control. However, the product has been linked to serious side-effects and complications. In the most serious cases, some women have reported perforated organs, migration of the device, ectopic pregnancies, chronic pelvic pain, bleeding, and in the most severe cases, death.
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An antihypertension drug used to treat high blood pressure has been associated with severe intestinal and digestive issues. The makers of this drug have agreed to a $300 million dollar settlement, but claims must be filed soon.
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Transvaginal Mesh

This surgical procedure was designed to permanently fix pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Side effects included mesh erosion, organ perforation, and infections.
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Plavix and Pradaxa

While the drugs were found to be effective in reducing the patient’s’ risk of stroke, patients were found to be more susceptible to side-effects such as gastrointestinal bleeding, stomach bleeding, and in some cases, brain hemorrhage and death.
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A number of studies have linked the use of Risperdal to enlarged breast tissue in young men, also known as gynecomastia.
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An anti-nausea drug prescribed to pregnant women for morning sickness was linked to increased birth defects.

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