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The introduction of in-car Wi-Fi has garnered both praise and criticism. It is no secret that cell phone use is a common cause of severe accidents. Drivers who surf the Web or browse social media behind the wheel put themselves, their passengers and other road users in danger, but would in-car Wi-Fi make the situation worse?

The vast majority of the United States – especially populated areas – has cell phone coverage. As a result, most smartphones will have access to the Internet with or without in-car Wi-Fi. Although distracted driving contributes to 10 percent of fatal accidents, according to, there is no evidence that proves in-car Wi-Fi would worsen the problem.

In fact, in-car Wi-Fi could pave the way to a collision-free world. Wireless technology can enable vehicles to communicate with one another and brake, accelerate or maneuver to prevent crashes. Wi-Fi may also be an integral component in driverless cars.

Unfortunately, distracted and negligent driving continues to cause injuries. If you were the victim of a reckless driver in Louisiana, contact Morris Bart, LLC.

Here is a brief overview of the pros and cons of in-car Wi-Fi:

Would in-car Wi-Fi make drivers more distracted?

Although most smartphones have access to the Internet, critics of in-car Wi-Fi say it could make drivers more inclined to surf the Web. This might increase the rate of distracted-driving accidents.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a distraction is anything that diverts a driver’s attention from the task of driving. This can be a physical distraction or a cognitive distraction. The most dangerous distractions are those that affect a driver’s physical and cognitive faculties. Examples include texting and surfing the Web.

In-Car Wi-Fi May Revolutionize Crash Avoidance

Auto manufacturers are excited about the advancements that in-car Wi-Fi could inspire. If cars can communicate with one another, then human error is less likely to cause an accident.

Vehicles with Wi-Fi can warn drivers about heavy traffic, road construction and approaching storms. They can alert drivers when other vehicles are in their blind spots, or when an accident has happened in the road ahead.

Unfortunately, this technology is not yet available in most vehicles, and much of the hype surrounding in-car Wi-Fi will remain speculation until more vehicles have this feature. Until then, defensive driving and avoiding distractions remain two of the most effective ways to prevent crashes.

No matter how responsible you are behind the wheel, nobody can control the actions of other motorists. If you were injured in a crash that another driver caused, contact a Baton Rouge personal-injury lawyer from Morris Bart, LLC. We can evaluate your case, talk to witnesses and aggressively fight for the maximum compensation.

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