Every state has a few really strange laws on the books, and Mississippi is no exception. But weird laws keep life interesting, right? Of course they’re coming to us without their original context and some aren’t even verifiable, but let’s dust off these old Mississippi laws and take a look, just for fun:

“Woohoo!” (Oh no, you did not just cheer out loud in Oxford, Mississippi.)

Didn’t you know cheering in Oxford is against the law? Actually, you can cheer, but there has to be a reason or else it’s illegal. And your reason doesn’t sound good enough, okay?

electric razor with text overlay about weird mississippi laws

Think you can just whip out your razor and start shaving in the middle of Main Street?

No sir, that dog don’t hunt in Tylertown, Mississippi. There’s a law that specifically states you cannot shave in the middle of Main Street, so just take your shaving cream and razor, mister, and march right over to the middle of some other street.

In Mississippi, it is illegal to make love in public.

You’re really glad to have this cleared up, right? Because otherwise just think of the shenanigans you’d have gotten into, all the while not even realizing you were breaking the law.

Any state that doesn’t have this law on the books must be downright wild and uncivilized.

cat overlaid with text about weird mississippi laws

It’s illegal to sell cat meat in Mississippi.

Okay, but we hope it’s also illegal to give it away and to buy it, for that matter. And nope, we don’t want to know the backstory to this one. At all. It’s been said that every supply first had a demand, but we don’t want to know about that either.

photo of a dog overlaid with text about weird mississippi laws

Obey this law and you will look more cool but your dog will not.

In Temperance, Mississippi, you may not walk your dog unless it’s wearing a diaper. So if you don’t want to be that person walking at 7 a.m. with go-cup of coffee in hand, dog on leash and ignominious poop bag swinging, then this nifty law is for you, because it eliminates the poop bag. Dogs don’t care if they look stupid, so we’re giving this law a thumbs up.

photo of an orange truck with text overlay about weird mississippi laws

Stop me if you must, but not with your truck. That’s illegal.

That’s right. In Brandon, Mississippi, you may not hinder a pedestrian’s progress by placing a truck in their way. We’re pretty sure you can place a zebra in their way. Or an ostrich. Or a piano. But not a truck. Okay?

One call, that’s all!

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