A motorcycle accident can happen at any time. All it takes is one distracted driver or rogue pothole to cause a serious wreck. There are, however, certain scenarios in which these crashes are particularly common.

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Motorcycle riders can reduce their risk of injuries and death by learning how to adjust their behavior in dangerous situations. Congested traffic, riding at night, poor weather – all of these factors increase the likelihood of crashing.

These five hazards are often the culprits behind motorcycle collisions:

  1. Alcohol consumption;
  2. Lane splitting;
  3. Poorly maintained roads;
  4. Motorists who are not paying attention when taking left turns; and
  5. Drivers who tailgate.

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Read on for a closer look at five common causes of motorcycle crashes:

  1. Alcohol Consumption

Riding a motorcycle requires exceptional balance, coordination and fast decision-making. All of these faculties are impaired by alcohol.

Data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reveals that alcohol consumption is a leading cause of motorcyclist fatalities. In 2014, 30 percent of all riders who lost their lives in accidents had a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher.

  1. Lane Splitting

One of the key benefits of riding motorcycles is their uncanny ability to skirt traffic. Many riders do this by “lane splitting,” or travelling between two lanes to bypass slow-moving vehicles. However, drivers are not always expecting riders to approach from behind at a much higher speed than the flow of traffic. All it takes is one distracted or complacent motorist to cause a wreck.

  1. Poorly Maintained Roads

Passenger vehicles can usually handle uneven pavement and potholes with ease, but these hazards can be deadly for motorcyclists. As such, bikers should avoid riding on poorly maintained roads and unfamiliar routes.

  1. Motorists Who Are Not Paying Attention When They Take Left Turns

Ride Apart warns motorcyclists that left-turning vehicles are leading causes of motorcycle accidents. Due to their small size, motorcycles are not always easy to spot, and drivers often underestimate their speed.

  1. Drivers Who Tailgate

In congested traffic, rear-end accidents are by far the most common type of motorcycle collision. The reason? Vehicles tend to have a shorter following distance in heavy traffic.

Riders can reduce their risk by maintaining at least three seconds of space between their bikes and the leading vehicle. If you are being tailgated, then change lanes and let the other driver pass.

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