Riding a motorcycle as a passenger in Lafayette is a thrilling experience. Unfortunately, an accident is likely to cause serious injuries or worse.

Many passengers believe there is nothing they can do to prevent collisions, but this is not true. In fact, there are several steps that passengers can take to reduce the risk of crashing:

  1. Make sure you are the correct height
  2. Use the footrests
  3. Avoid the exhausts
  4. Avoid sudden movements
  5. Hold on tight

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Read on to learn five steps that motorcycle passengers can take to reduce the risk of accidents:

  1. Make Sure You Are the Correct Height

Motorcycle passengers must be the correct height in order to ride on the back safely. According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, you should be tall enough to reach the footrests comfortably. You must also be mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come with being a motorcycle passenger.

  1. Use the Footrests

It is critical that motorcycle passengers use the footrests at all times. Do not be tempted to put your feet down – even when the bike is stationary. According to Ride Apart, passengers who put their feet down can destabilize the bike.

The driver may also make a sudden movement or take off from a stationary position, and if your feet are not firmly on the rests, you may lose your balance. When the bike comes to a stop, it is the driver’s responsibility to balance it.

  1. Avoid the Exhausts

A motorcycle’s exhausts become extremely hot after a short period of riding. Familiarize yourself with the mufflers before you leave, and be mindful of avoiding them at all times.

  1. Avoid Sudden Movements

Any movement on the back of the bike can distract the driver or cause him or her to lose balance. Do not make any sudden movements; remain as still as possible at all times.

  1. Hold on Tight

If the motorcycle has passenger handholds, then grip these tightly. If not, hold onto the driver’s waist. Find a secure grip, and hold it until the driver turns off the engine.

If you were injured by a negligent or reckless motorist in Lafayette, contact an accident attorney from Morris Bart, LLC. Our legal team will help you avoid mistakes such as accepting a low settlement, signing a general release, or admitting fault to insurance adjusters. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 800-537-8185.

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