It’s no secret that car accidents can cause debilitating injuries that range from broken bones to paralysis. Although physical wounds are often easy to identify, many victims endure psychological trauma that affects their careers, relationships and enjoyment in life.

According to a report from the American Psychological Association, car accidents are the leading cause of post-traumatic stress disorder in the United States. Unfortunately, many cases of PTSD go untreated, and patients who do not seek treatment are more likely to suffer the effects of PTSD for longer than six months.

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Although anyone can suffer PTSD after a car wreck, there are risk factors that make certain people more prone to the condition. These include:

  • Lacking a support system of family and friends;
  • Suffering from other mental health issues such as anxiety;
  • Working in a job that exposes the person to traumatic events; and
  • Having a family history of mental illness.

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6 Signs You Might Be Suffering from PTSD after a Car Accident

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious condition that is often associated with military action. However, every time you climb into a car, you take the risk of experiencing a traumatic event.

Car accidents affect everyone differently, and the symptoms of PTSD are not the same for all crash victims. However, these six symptoms are particularly common among PTSD sufferers:

  1. Reliving the crash in nightmares and flashbacks;
  2. Having an irrational fear of getting in a car;
  3. Feeling severe anxiety that affects your concentration and sleep;
  4. Feeling intense guilt or blaming yourself for the incident;
  5. Not recalling details about the traumatic event; and
  6. Feeling depression, hopelessness and paranoia.

If you were injured in a car accident and you notice the symptoms of PTSD, you should seek immediate medical attention. You may benefit from a treatment plan that combines psychotherapy and medication.

Depending on the severity and nature of your PTSD, your doctor may recommend cognitive behavioral therapy. The goal of CBT is to identify and change irrational, negative thought patterns.

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Exposure therapy is also effective for PTSD sufferers. This involves confronting the cause of the PTSD in a safe, controlled setting.

Your doctor may also prescribe anti-anxiety medications and anti-depressants. These can help with depression and sleep problems.

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