Getting a driver’s license is an important milestone in most teenagers’ lives. It is a rite of passage and a ticket to more freedom and responsibility.


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Although teens look forward to this day from a young age, it can be a source of anxiety for parents. As the National Institutes of Health explains, there are many reasons why teenagers are poor drivers: They are often deprived of sleep, they are inexperienced decision-makers, and they are in a vulnerable stage of physical and mental development. Despite the risks, the fact remains that 16-year-olds can get a full, unrestricted driver’s license in Mississippi.

You should not let your child drive alone until he or she displays these four behaviors:

  1. Follows your instructions;
  2.  Shows good judgment;
  3.  Resists peer pressure;
  4.  And acts responsibly.

Unfortunately, even responsible teens can get in accidents. If your child was injured in a crash that another driver caused, contact one of the personal-injury lawyers from Morris Bart, LTD in Biloxi.

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Until then, read on to learn four signs that your child may be ready to drive alone:

  1. Follows Your Instructions

A good indicator that your teen will obey traffic laws is if he or she obeys the rules you impose on him or her in the household. If your child respects your household rules, abides by curfews and completes chores as requested, then he or she may be ready to take the wheel alone.

  1. Shows Good Judgment

Teens are inexperienced, so they are naturally poor decision-makers. Teens should not drive alone until they demonstrate their ability to show good judgment both on and off the road. Indicators include staying out of trouble at school, not getting arrested, and not abusing drugs or alcohol.

  1. Resists Peer Pressure

Many teen auto accidents are due to peers pushing drivers to go beyond their skill levels or break the law. Your teen should be able to resist the urge to speed or make other reckless decisions to impress his or her friends.

  1. Acts Responsibly

Responsibility is one of the key characteristics that you should look for in your child before you allow him or her to drive alone. Signs that your teen is responsible include:

  • Completes homework on time;
  • Holds down a part-time job;
  • Babysits younger siblings;
  • And participates in productive extracurricular activities.

Even the most responsible teens can get in accidents. If you or a member of your family was injured in a motor-vehicle crash in Mississippi, contact a Biloxi personal-injury attorney from Morris Bart, LTD.

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