Streetcars can be dangerous vehicles.

First off, let me start by saying that one should never cross in front of an oncoming streetcar in an attempt to beat it to the intersection. Streetcars, like regular cars and trucks, also need space in order to brake safely and come to a complete stop.

However, due to its weight and design, it is difficult, and maybe even impossible in some cases, for a streetcar to make an emergency stop without potentially injuring its passengers or causing damage to other vehicles and their occupants.

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Streetcars control traffic.

Now that we have covered that, let us all just agree that the streetcar “rules the tracks.” According to City of New Orleans, Ordinance Sec. 154-389, the driver of a vehicle on the streetcar tracks is required to move his vehicle upon a signal from the streetcar operator or as soon as practical.

Which means that if you attempted to turn left on St. Charles Avenue, but got caught in the middle of a busy intersection and you hear a bell, chances are it is not the ice-cream man and you will need to clear the intersection as soon as it is safe.

This same ordinance also prohibits a vehicle from crossing over the tracks once the streetcar has lawfully entered the intersection, and from turning in front of a streetcar in a way that would interfere with or impede the streetcar’s movement.

In other words, do not try and outrun a New Orleans streetcar!

Consult a New Orleans streetcar accident lawyer.

Streetcar accidents can leave you both physically and emotionally injured.

If you have been hit by a street car through an automobile, pedestrian or slip and fall accident, call a personal injury attorney immediately. If a streetcar driver is behaving negligently, you have the right to compensation. To get the maximum compensation possible, hire an attorney at Morris Bart.

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