Pick-Up Truck Accident Injuries are Common

It’s just common sense, but I still see it on the roadway.  I don’t see it as often as I used too, but people, sometimes children, ride in the bed of pick-up trucks.  As any New Orleans truck accident lawyer will tell you, Louisiana state law under Revised Statutes 32:284 provides that “No person or persons under the age of 12 years shall be permitted to be a passenger in the open bed of a truck with a gross weight of six thousand pounds or less, commonly referred to as a pickup truck, or in a utility trailer while moving upon a highway of this state.”

There is an exception for pickup trucks traveling not more than 15 miles per hour while participating in an authorized parade.  This statute also makes it illegal for any person (adult or child) to be a passenger in the open bed of a pickup truck while it is moving upon an interstate highway.  Regardless, riding in the bed of a pickup truck is a very dangerous practice.

Pickup Truck Accident Injuries Can Be Fatal

I have read or heard in the past of passengers in the beds of pickup trucks being seriously injured or killed as a result of collisions or accidents where the driver has to suddenly swerve or brake or hits a bad bump in the roadway.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration‘s National Center for Statistics and Analysis, from 1990 to 1996 the number of fatalities resulting from such incidents in the nation was 370 passengers from ages up to 15, and 1,016 passengers who were 16 years or older.  I would hope that the numbers are down since this last report and that people are a little more safety conscious these days.

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