I got in a car crash in Biloxi and now I’m out of work for a month. What can I do to make my personal injury recovery productive?

Personal Injury Recovery Stay Occupied

As a personal injury attorney, I have many clients who share this same problem of feeling unproductive and simply not feeling like themselves after an accident.  Being out of work for such a long period of time can be very difficult.

I often encourage clients to work through the pain when possible, but when the pain is too overbearing, there are many ways to stay productive during your downtime:

Receive follow-up care.

Getting the appropriate follow up care after your accident is a quick way to feel better and more productive.  I frequently see that the clients who go through follow up care on a regular basis stay so busy going to appointments that they do not have downtime and also feel much healthier at the same time.

The end result being less time off of work, so you can get back to being productive and 100% healthy.  If you are pursuing any kind of claim for your injury, this will also help move your case forward faster as your attorney will typically not settle your case if you are still actively missing time from work.

Maintain a regular exercise schedule.

Exercise goes hand in hand with obtaining the appropriate follow up care because both activities will help you feel more productive and healthier.  By exercising and rehabbing your injuries, you are actively trying to get yourself better.  Many injury victims have to go through physical therapy or exercise of some kind to rehabilitate their bodies back to a full recovery from the injuries they sustained.  Depending on the types of injuries, exercise and physical therapy could be very brief for a full recovery, and in other cases may require more extensive rehabilitation.

In my experience I have found that regardless of whether the injuries are minor or severe, exercise and/or physical therapy always seems to help make injury victims feel productive, healthy and happy!

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