I live in Covington and work in downtown New Orleans, and I was recently hurt in a car accident on the Causeway. Do I need to hire an auto accident attorney? What will they want to know before taking on my case?

Personal Injury Consultation The Who What Where & Why

Of course you need an auto accident attorney!

Right after an automobile accident can be a very confusing and hectic process; it is often you versus the insurance company. An auto accident attorney will make sure that you are treated fairly and will use their expertise to help navigate you through the legal process involved with automobile accidents.

For the attorney to take your case they will need to schedule a personal injury consultation and learn some facts.

Where did the accident happen?

The location of the accident is very important to a case and who can be your lawyer. Because your accident happened on the Causeway it will be necessary for you to have a lawyer licensed in Louisiana.

When did the accident happen?

The next thing your lawyer is going to want to know is when your accident happened. When your accident happened is vital to whether or not you have the right to make your claim but since it recently happened you will be fine but it is important to call soon!

Were you hurt?

The reason it is important to call soon is because it will be important for your lawyer to know whether you were hurt as a result of the accident. The first few days and weeks after an automobile accident are the most important to your case and you need an attorney who can explain the necessary steps to take to ensure that you receive the best treatment and settlement possible!

Who was involved in the accident?

While the “ Where? When? Were you hurt?” facts are essential they are not everything your attorney will want to know. To help you as quickly as possible your attorney will want to know if you have the insurance information for everyone involved. Providing an attorney with all the insurance information will allow them to advise you of all of your options for your medical treatment and your property damage as quick as possible.

If you do not have this information, the attorney will want to know which police department responded to this accident so they can get this information from them to help you as soon as possible!

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