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In recent months, Mississippi has seen multiple changes in its driving laws. As of July 1, 2017, three new laws have taken effect in the Hospitality State.

If you’re going to pass, then pass!

The first new law concerns slow drivers in a passing lane. We’ve all been there, going the speed limit or attempting to pass a slow moving vehicle in the passing lane on the left side and someone insists on going below the speed limit or dragging around at the same speed as the person in the slow moving, or right-hand lane. It’s a frustrating experience, but also dangerous, especially for 18 wheelers. Many accidents are caused by inattentive drivers. Not paying attention while in the passing lane, driving under the speed limit, and blocking an 18 wheeler often equals trouble, or worse. The new law enacted on July 1st serves to put an end to this problem by providing a law now that more or less speaks for the rest of us when thinking, “if you are going to pass, then pass!”

Buckle up, everyone.

The second law is common sense to the vast majority, but some residents argue their generation is simply not accustomed to the new requirement. The law requires all travelers in a motor vehicle to wear a seatbelt. Gone are the days of reaching across to hold a passenger in their seat, like grandma used to do. Every vehicle on the road today is equipped with seatbelts and drivers are now required to wear them. The obvious reason for this is safety, to keep drivers and passengers strapped in and prevent them from flying through the windshield. This also decreases the risk of severe injury when involved in a collision. Statistics show that 75% of drivers ejected from a vehicle were killed due to not being restrained by a seatbelt. So do yourself and your loved ones a favor and buckle up! Or as Mississippians advertise, “Click it or ticket!”

Ride safely from within the vehicle.

The third and final law is one that most residents assume were passed a long time ago. Now, riding in the back of a vehicle —specifically a pickup truck­­—is illegal. The threat of injury in an accident is increased 100% if a person gets into the back of a truck, unrestrained and exposed to the world. Should an accident happen, there is no cover and no safety device to prevent injury, or even death. Never has a person looked at someone riding in the back of a truck and thought, “That looks safe!” It’s best to save the pickup truck joyrides for your local holiday parades. If not, you will be ticketed, officially, in the state of Mississippi.

The new laws took effect this summer on July 1, 2017. These laws contribute to the safety of Mississippi residents and prevents auto accidents or severe injuries, should a collision occur. Safety in the passing lane is important for the flow of traffic in general, but also to save others on the road from accidents. Wearing a seatbelt, if enforced, will save lives during accidents. Don’t ride in the back of a pickup truck unless you are in a parade—it’s about time Mississippi passed such a law.

What happens if you violate any of these new laws?

You will be fined $25.


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