Few experiences can match the thrill and excitement of attending a live sporting event. This is probably why more than 15 million Americans attend professional sport games every year.

Unfortunately, sports stadiums are peppered with hazards, and a serious injury can happen at any time. People who sustain injuries at sport events may have grounds for premises liability claims.

Although there are countless accidents that can happen at sports facilities, these four dangers cause most injuries:

  1. Stairs and escalators;
  2. Wet floors and uneven surfaces;
  3. Weather conditions;
  4. And poor maintenance and upkeep.

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Until then, read on to learn four potential injury hazards in stadiums:

  1. Stairs and Escalators

Stairs and escalators are common hazards in all kinds of buildings. Stadium crewmembers should keep the stairways free of clutter and any hazards that may cause a fall.

If you fall down a staircase at a stadium, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. According to Willamette University, a spectator who tripped over a support beam and fell down a staircase at Wrigley Field successfully sued the stadium for damages.

  1. Wet Floors and Uneven Surfaces

Slip and fall accidents are common at stadiums – particularly when the floors are wet or uneven. Stadium management has an obligation to clean any obvious slip and fall hazards on the premises. They should also alert spectators to potential risks, such as recently cleaned floors, using appropriate signage.

  1. Weather Conditions

Stadium owners are not liable for all injuries that stem from poor weather, but if poor maintenance or upkeep leads to weather-related injuries, then victims may have grounds for a claim. For example, falling snow or ice from the stadium roof can lead to serious injuries and may be due to inadequate clean up and safety measures after a storm.

  1. Poor Maintenance and Upkeep

Property owners must use reasonable care to ensure that the premises are safe for all visitors. If a spectator sustains injuries because the stadium crew has not performed reasonable maintenance such as securing guardrails or fixing structural problems, then the victim may have grounds for a premises liability claim.

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