By now, we have all heard the phrase, “Seat belts saves lives.”  The saying may be cliché, but the phrase is more relevant now than when it was first uttered.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), in 2010, more than 22,000 people died in car accident injuries.  Of that statistic, approximately 45% of those car accident fatalities were people not wearing seat belts.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission (NHTSA) estimates that seat belts saved the lives over 12,000 people in that same year.  Even more surprising, NHTSA estimates that safety belts saved the lives of more than 69,000 people involved in car accident injuries during the five-year period from 2006-2010.

Louisiana is a Primary Seat Belt Law State

In Louisiana, we have state law that mandates seat belt use:  “Each driver of a passenger car, van, sports utility vehicle, or truck having a gross weight of ten thousand pounds or less, commonly referred to as a pickup truck, in this state shall have a safety belt properly fastened about his or her body at all times when the vehicle is in forward motion.”  La. RS 32:295.1.

Despite our laws requiring seat belt use, more can be done by the Louisiana legislature to enforce seat belt use and reduce the incidence of car accident injury fatalities. The maximum ticket for not wearing a seat belt in Louisiana is $25, hardly a punitive amount.  The maximum fine for not having a minor child not properly restrained is $100.

It is important to encourage your family and friends to always wear a seat belt, if a tragic accident happens it will not only affect the car accident injury victims but everyone in the community, meaning higher insurance premiums for us all.

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