Hiring a personal injury attorney can be scary. You have found yourself in a situation beyond your control and you need help. After an accident, so many people find themselves with mounting medical bills, varying estimates from multiple mechanics, physical pain, and no idea where to turn. Here are some suggestions, based on personal experience, to help you navigate this situation successfully.

How Soon After My Personal Injury Should I Find An Attorney?

Once you have determined that you need the assistance of counsel, move forward to obtain representation immediately. In the law, there are important deadlines that may prevent you from recovering if they are not met. If you do not have a personal attorney, ask for referrals from friends and family members who have been in a similar situation.

If no one has experience with the type of case you have, contact the Louisiana State Bar Association(LSBA) for assistance in finding a personal injury attorney who handles cases similar to yours. Ask for the names and numbers of a few attorneys practicing in your area. The LSBA offers a free service to the public called the Attorney Referral Service(ARS). The ARS phone number is 1-800-421-5722.

Which Personal Injury Attorney is Right For My Case?

Consider the experience and reputation of the personal injury attorney and firm before you make a decision. Ask yourself: “What do I know about this attorney/firm?” “How long has this attorney/firm been handling this type of case?” “Do I feel this attorney is skilled enough to get the results I desire?” If you don’t feel confident about an attorney’s ability to represent you, keep looking.

Most importantly, remember that you will have to work with the attorney you hire through the conclusion of your case. It is important that your relationship with the attorney and firm you select is positive. When you ask a question, do you receive a clear, knowledgeable answer? Are you treated politely by staff and attorneys alike? Are your calls answered or returned promptly? Do you feel comfortable, appreciated, respected? You should.

No one can legitimately promise you a specific settlement amount; beware of these types of promises. A good personal injury attorney will work hard to ensure that you are treated fairly by all parties involved—insurance companies, drivers, police, etc… But, even with hard work and good intentions, there are no guarantees.

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