Two cars crashedIf you are a victim in a car crash, it is easy to become overwhelmed and forget how to act. Collisions can be traumatic events—especially if they result in serious injuries or fatalities. If you can remember the steps to take following an accident, though, you may be in a better position when it comes time to file claims against any of the negligent drivers involved.

Should I contact a personal-injury lawyer?

If you are suffering from serious injuries after a car crash, you could benefit from contacting an experienced Mobile personal-injury lawyer. A qualified attorney will be able to assess your case and determine if you have a valid claim against a negligent driver. You may be able to recover money you have already spent on medical treatment or funds you have lost due to an inability to work

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Here is a breakdown of the steps you should take after a car crash in Alabama:

Stay Close to the Scene

According to the most important step to take following a crash is to stop your vehicle a safe distance away from the scene and ensure everyone involved is okay. If there are any serious injuries, you must contact emergency services. You should also contact local police for assistance as they will be able to secure the scene and prevent any subsequent accidents or disruptions.

You should be open and helpful to the officer and any other people involved in the crash, but it is important that you do not admit to being at fault. Your insurance company may deny your claim if you apologize to other motorists for causing the crash. Even if you think you may have caused the crash, it is typically best to wait for officials to conclude their report.

Collect Contact Details

According to, it is critical to collect relevant contact details from the other drivers following a collision. Collect names, telephone numbers, insurance information and car registration details.

If anyone witnessed the crash, ask him or her to give you contact information, as well, as it may be useful should another driver contest your claims. Compile all the information into a document, and give it to your lawyer to help with your claim.

Reporting the Crash

According to Alabama law, you need to report the accident if there are injuries or fatalities or if the property damage exceeds $250. You can collect the accident report form from a local law enforcement office, and you must submit it to the Alabama Department of Public Safety within 30 days of the crash.

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