Too often, people involved in car accident injuries are dazzled by the possibilities of receiving a lump sum of money from the auto insurance company, and end up doing both the at-fault party and the auto insurance company a big favor.

Common auto insurance company claim settlement tactics

Settling a car accident injury claim quickly may make the auto insurance company look like the “good guy.”  Auto insurance companies will use a number of tactics to try to settle the case early:

  • Cash up front
  • Settling all bills at once
  • Getting you to take the blame for the car accident
  • Denying you coverage for your car accident injuries
  • Discounting your pain and suffering

The reality is that they know they are likely paying less now for the car accident injuries than they would in the future if the injured party receives the medical attention needed to recover from his or her car accident injuries.  Ultimately, a car accident injury may require weeks of therapy, or in the worst examples, serious medical intervention such as surgery.  If the injured party accepts a quick settlement, the car insurance company will require them to sign a form that releases the injured party’s right to pursue any further damages.  So, if therapy or surgery is necessary in the future, the person who is hurt, to no fault of their own, is now on the hook for any future medical bills.

Car Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Have A Personal Injury Attorney

Car insurance companies want to prevent people with car accident injuries from retaining personal injury attorneys, because accident injury attorneys are aware of what constitutes fair compensation for particular injuries.  It is important to not only seek medical treatment but to consult a personal injury attorney after a car accident, so that the injury lawyer can assist you in navigating through the claims and treatment process.  An accident injury lawyer can advise you on how to prevent the car insurance company from going on a “fishing expedition” in regard to how the car accident occurred, your medical history and treatment, and other items crucial to your personal injury claim.

Contact Morris Bart for Your Car Accident Injuries

Beware that auto insurance companies do not want you to know this information!  Contact a car accident injury attorney immediately if you are injured in an auto accident, so that from the very beginning, your medical treatment and your personal injury case can proceed efficiently and so that you can obtain a fair and reasonable personal injury settlement.

Contact the car accident attorneys at Morris Bart, Attorneys at Law today for a free case evaluation on your car accident claim.

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