I live in Biloxi and my husband was recently killed while working on a shrimp boat. His employer is refusing to pay. What information do I need in order for a personal injury attorney to take my case?

Accident Checklist 6 Items That Will Ensure A Fair Case

While I am very sorry to hear of your husband’s tragic passing, here is an accident checklist so you can provide your attorney with the most relevant information suitable for your case:

1. Obtain Accident Reports – This is Critical!

Any and all accident reports in relation to your husband’s passing are critical for the accident attorney to understand your case. Your husband’s employer most likely completed an accident report and there may have even been an accident report created by the Biloxi police. If an accident report has not been completed, you may request one to document the known facts of the accident.

2. Provide Witnesses

Were there any known witnesses to your husband’s accident? If so, be sure to provide your accident attorney with the names and contact information for any witnesses that you are aware of. Their testimony may be needed to help prove your case.

3. Provide Claim Information

If any claims have already been established in reference to your husband’s accident, be sure to provide your attorney with all of the relevant claim information. For example, your insurance company, claim number, adjuster information, or any other information that you may have obtained from them would be helpful. However, be aware that it is common for insurance companies to reach into their “bag of tricks” to try to hurt your claim, so it is better to retain an attorney and have them speak to the insurance company on your behalf.

4. Include Employer Information

Any information that you have about the employer will be helpful for your accident attorney. For example, the company name, owner name, location, or any other relevant information.

5. Keep any Letters and Correspondence

You indicated that the employer or insurance company is refusing to pay in reference to this accident, so hold on to any denial letters or general correspondence that you receive from the insurance company as this will also be helpful to your attorney.

6. Most Importantly-Make the Call!

While having all the information listed above would certainly be helpful for your attorney in representing you, they will be able to obtain most of this information on their own after speaking with you about the accident for a few minutes. If you do not have all of the information above, an attorney should be able to still help you with this matter. Depending on the date of your husband’s accident, it may also be important to call an attorney before it is too late to file your claim or lawsuit. So be sure to protect your rights and call Morris Bart!

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