Drivers take a risk every time they hit the road, but the likelihood of an accident is particularly high at night. According to the National Institutes of Health, a disproportionate number of fatal traffic crashes occur after sunset.

Night Drive

There are several reasons why deadly accidents are more common at night. Drunk drivers are more likely to be on the road, and visibility is low.

Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to avoid collisions at night. You should keep your eyes moving to prevent fatigue, align your headlights, clean your windshield and avoid drowsy driving.

Even the safest motorists cannot control the actions of others. If you were injured in a crash that a negligent driver caused, contact a Monroe personal injury attorney from Morris Bart, LLC.

We can evaluate your case to determine if you may have grounds for a claim. Schedule a consultation today by calling 800-537-8185. Until then, read on to learn four tips to improve your safety when driving at night:

  1. Keep Your Eyes Moving

Your depth perception may not be as efficient at night. According to Popular Mechanics, this is because the pupils dilate more in the dark.

You may blink less and expend energy by trying to concentrate. This can cause fatigue.

You can improve your night vision by scanning the road ahead and keeping your eyes moving. Try to blink normally, and do not fix your eyes on one spot. If you struggle to see at night, you may need an eye examination to rule out deteriorating vision.

  1. Align Your Vehicle’s Headlights

Your vehicle’s headlights are its most important safety feature when driving at night. If you do not align your headlights, then you may not see the road ahead clearly.

Also, misaligned headlights can blind oncoming drivers. Ask your mechanic to check their alignment.

  1. Clean the Turn Signals, Headlight Covers and Windshield

The plastic covers that protect your turn signals and headlights can become dirty – particularly after heavy rains or snowfalls. This will reduce their effectiveness. Make sure you clean all light covers regularly to ensure they shine brightly on the road ahead and make you visible to other motorists.

It is also important to clean your car’s windshield. A dirty windshield will cause more reflection and glare, which can impede your vision.

  1. Avoid Drowsy Driving

Do not get behind the wheel if you are tired – even if you are only taking a short drive. According to, any driver can succumb to fatigue while on the road.

Tired drivers make simple mistakes that can cause serious crashes. If you are already on the road and you feel fatigued, pull over at a safe location and take a short nap. Twenty minutes is usually enough to make you more alert.

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