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Suffering From An Auto Accident Injury In New Orleans?

If you've had a personal injury accident, contact a lawyer at Morris Bart today. Time is of the essence. Morris Bart and his team of associates have vast experience in handling all types of claims for clients who have been injured. You can trust the lawyers at Morris Bart to handle your case aggressively and maximize your recovery while also maintaining the level of privacy and dignity that you deserve. For help, call the attorneys at Morris Bart, 1-800-537-8185.

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Personal Injury – Next Steps

Practice Areas

Car Accident

After the crash - are you prepared? Contact the attorneys at Morris Bart to learn how we can help you through this difficult time.

Commercial Truck Accident

Commercial truck accidents are often scary and costly. Morris Bart and his team are experienced in determining if you have a case and next steps.

Dangerous Drugs

If you or someone you know has been prescribed a medication that caused you to suffer illness or injury as a result of negligence by a pharmaceutical company or other corporate entity, it is urgent that you contact Morris Bart, LLC Attorneys at Law.

Personal Injury

Contact Morris Bart right now for help. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence we are ready and waiting to take on your case.

Mass Tort

At Morris Bart, LLC Attorneys at Law, we take on the cases of the people to fight corporations and entities that have harmed the masses. Contact us today to learn our approach to stopping injustice on a large scale from hurting the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Motorcycle Accident

Although insurance companies are required by law to provide compensation for a motorcycle accident, getting a fair settlement can be difficult. Let us help.