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The da Vinci Surgical System, which is produced by Intuitive Surgical Systems, is currently under investigation for causing post-surgery complications and injuries that in some cases have been fatal. On May 8, 2013, the manufacturer issued a statement warning hospitals of an “urgent medical device notification” in which Intuitive Surgical Systems “identified a potential issue” with the mechanical surgical equipment. Contact Morris Bart, LLC Attorneys at Law if you believe you have a case regarding this potentially harmful medical technology.

What is robotic surgery?

Designed for “surgeons to perform delicate and complex operations through a few tiny incisions with increased vision, precision, dexterity and control”, The da Vinci Robot uses a console to virtually conduct surgery by controlling robotic arms. The robotic surgery system was approved by the FDA in 2000. Reports of injuries suffered as a result of surgeries that utilized the da Vinci Surgical Robot continue to surface.

What types of surgery are performed with the da Vinci Surgical System?

There have been many types of operations this medical device has been used for including prostate removal, hysterectomies, gall bladder surgery, throat cancer, kidney cancer, coronary artery disease, endometriosis, and obesity surgery, among others. Tears, burns and perforations to arteries and organs; punctured blood vessels or ureters; severe bowel injuries; vaginal cuff dehiscence; excessive bleeding and death are some of the side effects that can occur following a surgery performed using the da Vinci Robot. It continues to be used in hospitals, despite injuries resulting from using this mechanical equipment.

The source of the damage caused by the medical device are “micro cracks” detected in the curved scissors of some models used for incisions that can create “a pathway for electrosurgical energy to leak into tissue during use and potentially cause thermal injury.”

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