Permanent Hair Loss Due to the Chemotherapy Drug Taxotere

The side effect of permanent hair loss after taking the drug Taxotere has left many women feeling defeminized, devastated and distressed. The attorneys at Morris Bart, LLC are experienced in Taxotere lawsuits and are dedicated to helping those affected.

Cancer is responsible for taking the lives of many innocent individuals each and every year. Because of the invasive and life-threatening treatments these helpless individuals have to endure, only some are able to carry on with their lives after undergoing chemotherapy and being prescribed medications that are known to not only help the body, but also destroy it. We know that chemotherapy and the required medications can be risky, but when a woman manages to pull through and expects to live a normal life, she is not always able to do so. The permanent side effects caused by Taxotere are a constant reminder of the battle she fought.

As of recently, many women are learning that Taxotere, which was developed by Sanofi-Aventis and is used during the chemotherapy process, is helping them survive, but is also leaving them having to face what many would consider a mortifying flaw.

Although the creators and developers of Taxotere have provided cancer patients with a medication that has helped a substantial number of individuals overcome the disease, rather than informing patients with the facts surrounding the side effects of taking this drug, they simply supply a warning stating that it could cause “temporary” hair loss, which is not only incorrect, but deceitful as well.

Today, Morris Bart, LLC is here to tell you that if you are suffering from this unwanted condition and were ill-informed of the permanent effects Taxotere would leave you facing, we are here to represent you.

Cancer is a disease that can develop in anyone and at any given time, and while it is out of our control as to who becomes a victim, you are provided with the choice on how you want to treat it. And because the manufacturers of Taxotere have taken away your right to make an informed decision based on the harmful effects associated with using Taxotere, it is time they are held accountable for causing you to have to live with a condition you may have been able to avoid had you been made aware that alopecia, also known as permanent hair loss, could occur through treatment with Taxotere.

Women spend hundreds of dollars annually on products and beauty treatments just on their hair alone because having it plays a significant role on how they feel and look. Just because the medication allowed you to win your battle against cancer and chemotherapy doesn’t justify you having to suffer from this unfortunate hair loss that is now irreversible because there were other options.

If you or a loved one has experienced complications with Taxotere, you may be entitled to collect compensation for surgical procedures, hospital bills, mental anguish and other damages. Fill out our free case evaluation form to see if you are eligible for a potential Taxotere lawsuit. An experienced attorney at Morris Bart will assist you in the evaluation process. Initial consultations are FREE. Click here to see more about our office locations throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas. Call us at 1-800-537-8185 today.

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