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Choosing a personal injury attorney can be a tough decision. The accident injury lawyers at Morris Bart, LLC Attorneys at Law have over 30 years of experience handling personal injury lawsuits. Our team knows what needs to be done to deliver for every client, from the initial personal injury case evaluation to the court room.

Morris Bart, LLC Attorneys at Law promises work hard to help every client get the legal representation and support they need throughout their case. Our accident lawyers are on your side – and our clients are happy to give testimonials on their experience with their personal injury case.

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Personal Injury Attorney Testimonials

If you have been injured and need help finding the right lawyer, complete our free case evaluation form, and one of our experienced accident lawyers will contact you about the specifics of your accident claim. 

Gulfport, Mississippi  Client Testimonial

“Hi, I’m Augusta and I’d like to acknowledge that I’m very satisfied with the services at Morris Bart because of my accident that I was in. I thought everything was very professional and it was performed in a very professional way and I would advise anyone that’s been in an accident to look to Morris Bart to help you out in any kind of situation or case that you get in.”

– Augusta from Gulfport, MS

Alexandria, Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney Client Testimonial

“Hello, my name is Corey and I was injured in a car accident, last year, 2011, and the only number I knew to call was Morris Bart. I called the law firm, they were very professional. They helped me out of my case. They truly have the client in mind and they do everything they can to assist the client. I accept their professionalism. I thank them from the bottom of my heart and they truly went out and did everything they could to help me. I would recommend them to anyone that has been injured in a car accident.”

– Corey from Alexandria, LA

Alexandria, Louisiana Client Testimonial

“Hi my name is Emily. I’m from Glenmore, Louisiana. I was involved in a vehicle accident and Morris Bart helped me. He was a very great attorney. He got me my money in a timely manner and if I ever needed an attorney I would choose Morris Bart again.”

– Emily from Alexandria, Louisiana

Shreveport, Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney Client Testimonial

“Hi my name is Madeline. I’m in Shreveport, Louisiana and I hired Morris Bart for my accident case and he did a great job. I would recommend him to anybody that has a car accident.”

– Madeline from Shreveport, LA

Lake Charles, LA Client Testimonial

“I’m Sarah from Lake Charles. I used Morris Bart to help me when I was hurt in my car wreck. My attorney was very great and helpful and kept me up-to-date. I really like the doctors that they sent me to and I would use Morris Bart again.”

– Sarah from Lake Charles, LA

Gulfport, Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney Client Testimonial

“Hey, how you doing, my name is Jeremy and I’m a second client. I came here the second time to Morris Bart is Gulfport, Mississippi. I am very satisfied, very please, with how my case turned out. I would recommend Morris Bart to my friends and family if they’ve ever been in an accident.”

– Jeremy from Gulfport, MS

Morris Bart Commercials

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New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney Commercial

Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney Commercial

Lafayette Personal Injury Attorney Commercial

Alexandria Personal Injury Attorney Commercial

Shreveport Personal Injury Attorney Commercial

Lake Charles Personal Injury Attorney Commercial

Monroe Personal Injury Attorney Commercial

Biloxi Personal Injury Attorney Commercial

Mobile, Alabama Personal Injury Attorney Commercial

Morris Bart “Trust” Personal Injury Attorney Commercial

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