I love being able to work in our Lafayette office. Originally from Lafayette, I love being able to connect and help those in my hometown community when they are injured in car or other accidents.

Lafayette Attorney Why I Love Lafayette

The culture of Lafayette creates an exciting working environment for me as a personal injury attorney.

Why I love working in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The people of Lafayette know two things: how to have a good time and how to cook. My favorite time of the year in Lafayette is the spring. The weather is still cool and nice, crawfish are in season, and festivals are abundant.

Having a crawfish boil with my family and friends has been one of my all-time favorite things to do in the spring since I was little.

Everyone gets together and gathers around for good music, food, and weather. And when we can’t get our own homemade boil together, I love going to places like Hook & Boil in Broussard to pass a good time and have a good meal.

Did I mention the festivals? Nothing helps you to really experience the Francophone culture of Lafayette like going to Festival International de Louisiane in the spring.

Usually held near the end of April, musicians from French-speaking countries around the world descend on Lafayette to entertain the community. All kinds of musicians turn up—one year I even saw a French rap group perform!

All of downtown Lafayette shuts down on the festival days and people from all walks of life walk down Jefferson Street to see the different musicians and artists. The streets are lined with stalls to shop in. My favorite thing to do is to walk down Jefferson Street all the way to the main stage and spend a Saturday sitting on a lawn chair in the sun listening to all of the international music that comes to Lafayette each year.

I love spending time in Lafayette whether it’s for work or play. If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own in Lafayette, call myself or another Morris Bart Lafayette attorney and we will help you get compensated.

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