The main difference between Morris Bart and other law firms in Monroe, Louisiana is that we exclusively handle personal injury cases.

Morris Bart What Makes Us Different

We are experts at what we do.

A lot of firms treat personal injury cases as a side practice to other types of law, and because it isn’t a “full time job” for them, they don’t have the same tools and tricks necessary to get injured clients the help they need.

I often talk to clients who tried another firm first, but found that their attorneys were not as effective at negotiating on their behalf. Morris Bart attorneys won’t let insurance companies give you the run around.  Whatever the problem, we’ve seen it before, and we aren’t afraid to go to the mat, even if a case isn’t easy or straightforward.

We understand the issues clients face every day.

And because we are experts at personal injury cases, attorneys at Morris Bart understand the issues our clients face every day.  Whether you are struggling to get your vehicle repaired, drowning in medical bills, or having trouble getting transportation to or from the doctor, if you have a Morris Bart car accident attorney, they know what to do.

And we understand that our clients’ injuries aren’t just a legal problem — being hurt effects the rest of your life too.  Maybe you’ve been unable to work since the accident, or it’s become harder to care for your family, or you can’t be as physically active as you used to be — we get it.

We give the best personal injury advice.

At Morris Bart, we’ll give you real advice about the process so you can make the right decisions for yourself.

Because personal injury cases are all we handle, every day, day in and day out, we aren’t just personal injury attorneys, we are experts.

We not only understand our clients’ needs, we also know how to cut through the red tape with insurance companies and get our clients the settlements that they deserve.

If you’ve been injured through not fault on your own in Monroe, call Morris Bart today.

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