I live in Baton Rouge. If I hire a personal injury attorney to help me get compensation, how much will I have to pay them? Will I have to pay anything up front?

What is a contingency fee contract

Getting into a car accident is bad news. It can be an overwhelming experience, and it can give rise to a lot of questions:

  • How do I get my car fixed?
  • Where should I go for treatment for my injuries?
  • How can I pay my medical bills?
  • Who is going to compensate me for my pain and suffering?
  • The insurance company has made me a settlement offer. Should I take it?

You may quickly realize than a personal injury attorney would be the best person to answer all of these questions, but attorneys are so expensive. How can you afford a lawyer?

The good news is that in these types of situations, you can get much needed guidance from an accident attorney with no cost out of pocket. Personal injury attorneys are paid on what is called a contingency fee contract. A client pays contingent fees to a lawyer only if the lawyer handles a case successfully. Absolutely nothing is paid up front.

If the case ultimately results in a settlement or judgment, the attorney will receive a set percentage of the settlement or judgment in full payment for his or her services.

If there is no settlement or judgment, then you will not owe the attorney one penny.

In any case, the insurance company has thousands of dollars to pay a team of lawyers who advise them. The contingency fee arrangement is a great way for the average injured persons to level the playing field. Through the contingency fee arrangement, normal people, just like you, can receive the legal aid that they need to combat the insurance companies without emptying their wallets.

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