“One Call, That’s All” – Now What?

So you’ve made that “One Call” and now you’re a Morris Bart personal injury client.  You might be wondering what happens next in the process, and what to expect from the day of the accident until the resolution of your claim.  You might even be wondering what exactly your attorney is doing to move your personal injury case toward settlement or a victory in court.

Most of my clients ask me what they should expect during my first phone call with them.  While every case is different, almost every personal injury claim shares a few common elements.

If you’ve been hurt, it’s likely that you will need to seek medical treatment for your accident injury. There are two very important purposes of medical treatment: first, and most importantly, our biggest priority is making sure you start feeling better and return to pre-accident condition.  The type and length of treatment you may need varies based on what kinds of injuries you’ve sustained.  But no matter the injury, the goal of a personal injury claim is for the client to feel 100% better and be adequately compensated for their pain, medical bills, emotional suffering, lost wages, and other damages suffered while the injury is still healing.

The second reason for treatment is to make sure that medical professionals have documented your accident injuries, so that the personal injury attorneys at Morris Bart have enough evidence to prove to an insurance company, judge, or jury that you have been hurt.  Without this evidence, your attorney will have a much more difficult time making sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Documentation for your personal injury claim

While you and your doctor are busy treating your injury, your Morris Bart accident injury attorney will be hard at work gathering all of the necessary documentation to present to the insurance company and the court to prove your injury.  This process involves obtaining the police report, getting statements from witnesses, requesting medical records from all known medical providers, working with your employer to prove any lost wages, working with Medicare, Medicaid, and Workers Compensation if necessary, and preparing your case for trial in the event that the insurance company does not offer a fair settlement.

Negotiating your personal injury claim

Once you’ve finished treating and all of the documentation your attorney needs has been obtained, your Morris Bart personal injury attorney will submit your claim to the insurance company and begin the process of negotiating for the compensation you deserve.  Your attorney will make the best possible case to the insurance company and will let you know when the insurance company makes an offer to settle.   Your attorney will also explain to you whether the offer is low, high, or fair based on their expertise of what a judge or a jury would award in court for a similar injury.

Deciding whether to settle your personal injury claim

When your attorney has obtained the insurance company’s best offer and advised you of whether or not they believe it’s fair, it’s time for you, the client, to decide whether or not to accept or reject the offer. Only you can decide whether or not to accept an offer.

The personal injury lawyers at Morris Bart are here to make sure that you make the best and most informed decision possible.

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