Riding a motorcycle is an invigorating way to reduce fuel costs and have fun, but it can also be dangerous — especially in wet weather. According to a study conducted by Monash University, nearly 1 in 10 motorcycle accidents occur in wet weather, so it’s best if you do not ride at all in the rain. If you must ride during a downpour, take the following steps to mitigate the risks:

  1. Wear the appropriate safety equipment;
  2. Improve your visibility;
  3. Reduce throttle and brake usage; and
  4. Ride in the tracks left by other vehicles.

Unfortunately, even prudent motorcyclists can fall victim to negligent drivers. If you suffered an injury in a motorcycle crash in Louisiana, contact a New Orleans auto accident lawyer from Morris Bart, LLC. Call 800-537-8185 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Let’s take a closer look at four ways to prevent accidents and injuries when riding in wet weather:

  1. Wear the Appropriate Safety Equipment

Rain not only makes the road slippery, but thanks to the wind created while riding, it also chills your hands. Cold fingers could lead to slower reactions when it comes to operating your motorcycle’s controls. It is best to invest in high-quality gloves to provide maximum insulation.

Don’t stop with the gloves; be sure to purchase a first-rate helmet. Research cited by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that in 42 percent of all fatal motorcycle accidents, the riders did not wear helmets.

  1. Improve Your Visibility

Although neon green or yellow reflective vests may not be fashionable, they could save your life. Passenger-vehicle drivers often struggle to see motorcycles — especially in rainy weather. Wearing a reflective vest makes it easier for other drivers to notice you.

  1. Reduce Throttle and Brake Usage

Rain reduces the amount of traction your motorcycle tires have on the road. For this reason, the Department of Motor Vehicles recommends that motorcyclists avoid rapid braking whenever possible. Heavy braking could lead to skidding on wet roads; instead, drive slower than you usually would, and try to apply your brakes gently rather than slamming on them.

  1. Ride in the Tracks Left by Other Vehicles

The Department of Motor Vehicles also advises motorcyclists to ride in the tire tracks left by other vehicles. This will help your motorcycle’s tires maintain traction with the road. Other vehicles should have displaced some of the water on the road, making the tire tracks less slippery compared to the rest of the pavement.

Even if you are particularly vigilant, you or a loved one may still be involved in an accident due to another driver’s negligence. A New Orleans injury attorney from Morris Bart, LLC will help you claim compensation for lost income, health-care bills and non-economic damages.

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