Labor Day weekend, according to the National Safety Council, is one of the most dangerous times of the year to drive. There were between 336 and 461 traffic deaths over this holiday in 2013. The most common causes of these accidents were drunk driving, traffic congestion, fatigue, distracted driving and travelling on unfamiliar roads.

If you plan to get behind the wheel on Labor Day weekend, keep these five tips in mind:

  1. Do not drink and drive;
  2. Plan your route before departing;
  3. Wear a seat belt;
  4. Do not rush to your destination;
  5. And enforce a distraction-free zone.

Unfortunately, even the safest drivers cannot control the actions of other motorists. If you suffer an injury on Labor Day weekend, turn to Morris Bart, LLC.

Here are five tips that could save your life on Labor Day weekend:

  1. Do Not Drink and Drive

Drunk driving is a leading cause of accidents in the United States throughout the year, but it is particularly common over Labor Day weekend. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Louisiana has seen a decrease in the number of drunk driving crashes since ignition interlock devices became a common punishment for DWI offenders. However, many drivers make exceptions on drinking holidays. Don’t make this mistake.

  1. Plan Your Route before Departing

If you are taking a road trip, then plan your route carefully before you depart. Travelling on unfamiliar roads is a common cause of accidents. Also, you may become distracted by your map or GPS if you get lost.

  1. Wear a Seat Belt

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains, your seat belt is the most important safety device in your vehicle. Buckling up not only reduces the risk of injuries if an accident happens, but your belt will also hold you in the ideal position to respond to unexpected hazards. This can help you avoid crashing in the first place.

  1. Do Not Rush to Your Destination

Do not leave at the last minute on a long road trip. Rushing to your destination is dangerous – especially on Labor Day weekend. Traffic will be congested over the holiday period, and according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, speeding was a factor in 28 percent of accident deaths in 2014.

  1. Enforce a Distraction-Free Zone

Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents in the United States, and it is easy to lose your focus on a long road trip. Make your car a distraction-free zone. Play music softly, make sure your children are entertained, and avoid the temptation to check your cell phone while the vehicle is in motion.

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