accidentInsurance plays a critical role in many aspects of our lives, and it is particularly important when it comes to motor-vehicle accidents. A collision can be a traumatic event, and without adequate coverage, you could end up with seemingly insurmountable medical bills and other financial obligations that you simply cannot afford.

As a result of the devastating impacts of car accidents, many states enforce minimum insurance requirements in order to protect both crash victims and the people who caused the collisions. If you were the innocent victim of a car accident, contact Morris Bart, LLC for advice.

With a team that comprises more than 50 attorneys, our law firm has the resources to represent your interests after a collision. Accident claims and insurance policies can be difficult to understand, but we can demystify the process and address your concerns.

Schedule an appointment with a Lafayette personal injury attorney today by calling us at 1-800-537-8185. We can assess your case and discuss how we can go about seeking compensation for your injuries. You may be entitled to damages that pay for medical bills and lost wages.

Even if your claim does not go to court, we can handle the insurance settlement process to ensure a fair payout. In the meantime, read on for more information about coverage minimums in Louisiana:

Minimum Insurance Requirements

Louisiana legislators have enacted laws that require every motorist to have a minimum level of insurance in the event of a car accident. This liability insurance offers some degree of protection to both the victim and the person who caused the accident.

According to, the law requires motorists to carry at least $15,000 in insurance to pay for injuries or fatalities. This coverage may extend to the driver, a passenger, another road user or even a pedestrian.

If there are injuries or deaths of multiple people in the car accident, Louisiana law requires that you have $30,000 minimum insurance. In the event of property damage, you must have at least $25,000 insurance, as well.

Additional Auto Insurance Coverage

Experts suggest that it may be beneficial to have more than the minimum insurance requirements if you are a Louisiana driver. Car accidents can cause significant damage, and in many cases, these minimum amounts are not enough to cover every expense that results from the collision. Furthermore, if a court finds you liable for damages sustained in a car accident and your insurance does not cover all of the damages, you may have to compensate individuals from your personal finances.

If you were in a serious car accident and are facing steep medical bills or lost wages, contact Morris Bart, LLC today. We can investigate your crash and establish if you may have grounds for a damages claim against the negligent driver.

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