You know what’s worse than a blabbermouth Uber or Lyft driver when you’re totally not in the mood to listen to them rave about their favorite reality shows? Getting into an accident while riding in one. Want to know what’s worse than that? Not following the steps listed in this article after you’ve been involved in an Uber or Lyft accident. Read on for important tips about what to do in an accident with Rideshare.

What is Rideshare?

Ridesharing apps allow users to connect with independent drivers through technology that screens drivers and tracks vehicle locations. Ride-share companies have revolutionized the convenience and affordability of public transportation and are quickly becoming the future of carpooling too. Taxis are slowly becoming extinct, and Uber and Lyft are dominating the roads.

What is the Uber or Lyft accident number?

Many rideshare users are surprised to find out that it’s difficult to find the Uber or Lyft emergency or accident phone number. Although riders can report claims to these companies through other channels, what if you need to call Uber immediately to warn them of a driver that knows where you live and just made a threat? While the top rideshare companies are slowly listening to their customer’s demands for emergency numbers by implementing these numbers in some countries or allowing online reporting, there’s still no Gold Standard for emergency reporting among ridesharing platforms yet.

For now, the resources listed here help to explain Lyft and Uber’s accident reporting processes:

RESOURCE: Lyft’s accident reporting portal

RESOURCE: How to use Uber’s customer service hotline

What to do in an accident with Uber, Lyft, or another Rideshare

Although ride-sharing is reasonable and seems pretty harmless, it is important to note that these vehicles are not impervious to accidents. Distractions such as loud music, intense conversations, or a car full of rowdy passengers—these all play major roles in unexpected accidents, which can possibly cause serious or even fatal injuries to passengers.

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If you ever find yourself involved in an Uber or Lyft accident, it’s critical that you follow these five steps below.

1. Call the Police

Contact the police immediately after the crash. Officers can secure the scene and call emergency medical assistance.

Ask the police to complete an accident report. Your accident lawyer may be able to use this document to strengthen your claim. You may have to visit the police station to get a copy of the report, so request the station details from the officer who compiles it.

2. Gather Details from Drivers & Witnesses

Speak to all the drivers who were in the crash and request their contact details. Write down their full names, phone numbers and addresses.

Also, gather contact details from eyewitnesses. Ask them politely if they would be willing to testify. If the at-fault driver denies liability, your personal injury lawyer may use witness testimonies to strengthen your claim.

3. Take Photographs of the Accident

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, you should take photographs at the scene of any crash—especially if you suffered an injury. These pictures may help your accident lawyer prove liability or negligence.

Take photos that show the entire scene from a wide angle. Also, take close-up shots of property damage and injuries. Use your camera or smartphone timestamp option to record the date and time one each photo.

4. Request Insurance Details

Your Uber or Lyft driver must have insurance. According to Uber, the company has a policy that covers drivers and passengers for up to $1 million per incident for injuries and property damage. Uber insurance claims also includes injuries to third parties such as pedestrians and cyclists. You can obtain the driver’s insurance information through Uber’s support channels, or directly on the Uber driver’s application.

5. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Contact an auto accident attorney (personal injury attorney) as soon as possible. A lawyer can gather evidence, structure your claim, and fight for the maximum compensation.

Have you been injured in a rideshare accident?

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident while using a rideshare, you may be eligible to file a claim for an Uber or Lyft accident settlement, including: medical costs, emotional distress and further damages. Fill out our free case evaluation form to see if you can make a claim for injuries and compensation. An experienced Uber accident lawyer at Morris Bart will assist you in the evaluation process. Initial consultations are absolutely free, and we work on a contingency-fee basis. We have office locations throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas. Call us at 1-800-537-8185 today.

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