I was hurt in a car crash with a semi-truck on the Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge recently. I know I need an attorney, but I’m not sure what kind. Are there different types of injury attorneys? How will I know if I’m hiring the right kind?

What To Look For In A Truck Accident Lawyer

Yes, there are different types of injury attorneys.

Personal injury law is comprised of many different areas.

Any injury caused by the fault of another person falls within the realm of personal injury law.

Personal injury claims range from automobile accidents to medical malpractice to slip and falls to defective products and much more. While Morris Bart can handle claims in any personal injury area, Morris Bart specializes in claims resulting from automobile accidents.The right kind of injury attorney in any situation is one who is committed to your case and passionate about pursuing the best results possible.

In your particular situation, an attorney with experience is the utmost necessity.

You need an attorney with experience because these “semi-trucks” or commercial trucks transport commercial goods and are usually backed by large corporations. These corporations are equipped with a team of lawyers to assist them when an accident occurs.

You need a truck accident lawyer who can stand their ground against these teams of lawyers. You need an attorney who has fought these corporations in the past and won.You need an attorney at Morris Bart. With more than 35 years in the business, the firm has a long track record of successful results on behalf of commercial truck accident victims.

Second, you need an attorney who is committed to your case.

When you’re involved in an accident with a commercial truck, time is of the essence. It is almost certain that the truck driver has a team of lawyers already working on his case. You need to make sure that you get started on your case as quickly, if not sooner, than the truck driver.

Morris Bart offers a 24 hour hotline where potential clients can get the information they need at any time. While it is recommended that you speak with an experienced attorney, time is crucial in this situation. The longer you wait, the harder it can be to gather crucial evidence for your case. When you contact our hotline, you can gather the information you need to take the appropriate actions until you can speak with an experienced attorney.

Finally, you need an attorney who is passionate about pursuing the best results possible.

Morris Bart has committed his entire legal profession to ensuring any and every individual injured in a car accident can recover maximum compensation for their injuries. Unfortunately, not every situation will afford compensation as not every automobile on the highway carries insurance coverage as required by law. However, there will be more than adequate coverage in your particular situation. You deserve the best representation possible. You deserve an attorney at Morris Bart.

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