Commercial truckers are among the most experienced drivers on Mississippi roads, but they are not immune to accidents. In fact, 3,964 people in the United States lost their lives in large truck crashes in 2013, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Tractor Trailer on the Highway


If you drive a commercial truck or SUV, these six tips can help you avoid accidents, injuries, and worse:

  1. Load your truck carefully;
  2. Adjust your driving in bad weather;
  3. Reduce your speed before curves;
  4. Monitor your blind spots;
  5. Reduce your speed before construction zones;
  6. And maintain your vehicle.

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  1. Load Your Truck Carefully

An imbalanced or poorly loaded truck is a danger to you and other road users. Do not stack cargo too high; rather, spread it evenly over the floor space of the truck. This will improve stability, handling, and fuel economy.

  1. Adjust Your Driving in Bad Weather

Rain can reduce your visibility, increase your stopping distance, and cause your vehicle to hydroplane. When driving in bad weather, double your following distance and reduce your speed. These will improve your handling and give you more time to react to unexpected hazards.

  1. Reduce Your Speed before Curves

The posted speed limits are not always safe for large trucks. This is why many roads in Mississippi have different speed limits for trucks and passenger vehicles.

Speeding contributed to 28 percent of auto accident deaths in 2014, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Traveling at a high velocity increases your stopping distance and your risk of rolling over – especially at curves. Be particularly cautious on winding roads and off- and on-ramps.

  1. Monitor Your Blind Spots

Most 18 wheelers have four blind spots: one in front of the cab, one behind each side mirror, and one directly behind the truck. CMV drivers must be alert if other vehicles are in their blind spots – especially before changing lanes and turning.

  1. Reduce Your Speed before Construction Zones

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, a significant percentage of fatal work zone accidents on highways involve large trucks. Many of these could have been prevented if drivers reduced their speeds.

  1. Maintain Your Vehicle

Check fluid levels, lights, turn signals, the horn, and mirrors before every long trip. Your truck’s brakes are particularly important; take your vehicle to a mechanic immediately if they are not functioning optimally.

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