To some motorcycle riders, there’s nothing better in the world than riding a motorcycle. The speed and freedom of riding a bike is unmatched. They are great on gas and help in escaping traffic jams.

Unfortunately, the pleasure of riding motorcycles in Louisiana comes with its share of dangers. With thousands of cars operating on the highways and roads plus other hazards, as all New Orleans personal injury lawyers would tell you, it’s important for riders to be vigilant.

Here are six ways motorcyclists can stay out of accidents (and stay alive):

1.  Always wear a helmet and protective gear – With so many motorcycle fatalities this is one law for riders that should never be broken.

This may not be cache’ or cool, but it is certainly wise.  Swagger does not save lives but helmets do.

2. Be especially careful at intersections – With so many car accidents occurring at intersections, it is no wonder that a number of motorcycle crashes happen there as well. Because of that, motorcycle riders should always use caution when approaching an intersection. It is common for drivers to run red lights, which increases the chances of them crashing into an unwitting rider.

3. Be seen at all times – How many times have we all heard the excuse “I just didn’t see them,” after a motorcycle rider was in an accident. With so many distractions on New Orleans streets, it’s easy for motorcyclists to get lost in the morass. It’s important for riders to make sure they are seen. Riders should utilize their headlights, wear bright clothing, and use their horns to alert drivers.

4. Flash the brakes – Drivers pump their brakes to fend off tailgaters all the time. Motorcycle riders should employ this technique as well.

5. Be ready for quick moves – In heavy traffic, it is better for motorcyclists to ride in a lower gear so they can take quick, evasive actions and avoid hazards. The higher revs might also keep drivers aware of their presence.

6. Know the bike – All riders should know and appreciate their bike’s capabilities and ride within their own personal limitations. Indeed, there’s a certain pleasure in taking risks, but an adrenaline rush is not worth losing a life.

Following these tips can help reduce the chances of a potential motorcyclist accident and stay alive.  If you are a motorcyclist involved in an accident, contact Morris Bart to handle your personal injury case!

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