As a personal injury attorney at Morris Bart Baton Rouge, I have a great appreciation for all of my clients.

The Ideal Personal Injury Client

If I had to choose, the ideal personal injury client would be one who is active and involved in their case and treatment.

When a person is injured in a car accident, it affects every part of their life.

The ideal client communicates their needs.

I prefer a personal injury client who tells me about those effects as that information is important in order to be sure they are receiving the right type of treatment and to be sure I am addressing all of their needs.

If the type of treatment they are receiving is not addressing the client’s pain it is a waste of time and money.

Also if my client cannot make it to the doctor because they have no vehicle, I might be able to make arrangements for transportation if I know about it. I would prefer to help the client set up treatment which would be useful to them rather than just doing what works for most people.

The ideal client contacts me with any questions they may have.

Another thing I would ask from my clients is that they contact me when they have a question about their case rather than speaking with a friend or other non-attorney.

The reason for this is that every case is different and sometimes the client’s friend is giving them misleading advice. It is much easier for me to answer the questions correctly than to try to explain why my client’s friend told them something different.

The ideal client keeps me informed.

The last thing I ask from my client’s is that they keep me informed.  For example, I do not always get information from the doctors about lost work or work restrictions. If I do not know that my client is not working, I may not explain to them the duties they have under the law regarding their damages or I may not be valuing the case properly.

With all of the necessary information, I can fully advise my client regarding the available insurance money and their actual damages. 

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