Two cars reports that an 18-year-old girl died in a two-vehicle crash on a Louisiana highway. Louisiana State Police say the girl was driving on LA Highway 964 shortly before 7 a.m. when the accident occurred.

Police say she reached the right-hand curve in the road and crossed the centerline. The car slid sideways and crashed into a pickup truck travelling in the opposite direction.

The victim was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, and the force of the impact ejected her from the vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash was strapped in and did not sustain injuries. Police are still investigating the incident; however, they do not suspect either driver of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the crash.

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Man with Gunshot Wound Crashes into School Bus

The New Orleans Advocate reports that a man with gunshot wounds crashed his car into a school bus. The SUV he was driving then rolled and came to a stop nearby.

An eyewitness on the scene says he saw the car on its roof, with the driver stuck halfway out of the sunroof. Emergency workers were on the scene and attended to the victims. They transported the driver and a passenger to a nearby hospital for treatment. Medics say the two victims were in stable condition.

Police say the vehicle crashed into a moped and a fire hydrant. This launched the car into the air before it crashed into a large SUV and eventually a school bus. The vehicle ended up on its roof on a nearby fence.

Police are still investigating the incident. They believe the driver of the car was involved in a robbery further up the road and was speeding away to avoid the gunfire when it crashed.

Louisiana Traffic Deaths Higher Than Average

Louisiana has a higher than average traffic-related fatality rate compared to the rest of the country. According to research, there were 15.63 fatalities per 100,000 people on Louisiana roads in 2010.

This is the equivalent of 633 fatal car accidents, which caused 710 fatalities. Almost one-third of all Louisiana accidents involved a driver who was under the influence of alcohol.

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