As a personal injury attorney in Lake Charles, I’ve dealt with a lot of different cases.

The strangest case I have had at Morris Bart, LLC involved a fireworks accident on the Fourth of July.

While the vast majority of cases that I handle involve Lake Charles automobile accidents, our firm represents clients for all kinds of injuries and accidents.

Strange Lawsuits July 4th Gone Wrong

A strange and unexpected injury

One such client was sitting on her front porch with her son on the evening of July 4.  The neighbors across the street, who had likely been drinking, were shooting off fireworks – primarily bottle rockets.  One bottle rocket took a wrong turn and shot across the street horizontally, directly into my client’s eye.

She immediately went to the hospital and is still suffering from those injuries.

Consulting a personal injury attorney

Fortunately, she knew that even though the facts of her situation are unusual, she should consult an attorney.  When an accident happens at someone’s home, frequently that person’s homeowner’s insurance will cover the situation, and that is exactly what happened in this case.

The fireworks operator was negligent for letting off bottle rockets in that manner, and his insurance company recognized that and took responsibility for the accident and my client’s resulting injury.

I am thankful that my client had the forethought to consult an attorney, even for an unusual situation such as this, instead of trying to navigate this process by herself. Strange lawsuits are still challenging, and you should not have to face them alone.

If you are faced with a strange or unusual injury, do not hesitate to contact an attorney at Morris Bart.

We will evaluate your case at a free consultation and get you the compensation you deserve.

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