Myth #1: An insurance company will automatically pay you money just because you were in a car accident.

There is no requirement that an insurance company pay you any amount of money just based on the fact that you were involved in a car accident.  If a person is not injured in the accident or did not have any property damage, the insurance company is not required to pay any money.  In order to determine how much to pay on a car accident injury claim, the insurance company will look at how injured you are and how quickly they can close their case.  Although they may make an offer right after the accident which sounds like a lot of money, the offer does not include any medical bills.

Myth #2: An insurance company is responsible for paying the doctors’ bills as they come due.

An insurance company is liable for all doctors’ bills resulting from the accident injury, but they are not required to pay them as they are incurred.  They have the right to wait until injuries are resolved prior to paying any bills.  This can make it more difficult to find a doctor to treat you, as most doctors want to be paid in full at the time of treatment.  Here at Morris Bart LLC, we can assist our clients in locating doctors who are willing to provide the accident injury medical treatment and wait for payment until after the personal injury claim is resolved.

Myth #3: An insurance company is on your side and is trying to help you.

The insurance companies are businesses they are responsible to their shareholders or owners not to you.  They will attempt to settle the accident injury case as quickly and cheaply as possible.  Hiring a personal injury attorney will protect your rights and insure that you are dealt with fairly.

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