I was injured in Mobile, Alabama and want to hire Morris Bart but I’m worried my case won’t get much attention. Because Morris Bart is such a big firm, will I still get the time and attention I need?

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We make client-attorney communication easy.

Yes, Morris Bart is a large firm; however, our attorneys and staff take pride in client satisfaction and make every effort to communicate with clients as frequently as possible.  In fact, every client is provided with their attorney’s direct dial telephone number, direct email and direct fax number to make communicating easy.

We provide direct access to our attorneys’ assistants.

Clients also have direct access to their attorney’s assistant in the event their attorney is unavailable.

Additionally, the firm’s administration conducts regular client satisfaction surveys to ensure that each client’s case is receiving the time and attention it needs for effective legal representation.

We have the best resources at hand.

One of the many benefits of retaining a large firm like Morris Bart is that the firm is able to provide each attorney with the necessary resources to handle each case effectively.  This enables attorneys and staff at Morris Bart to dedicate the time and attention needed to meet each client’s expectations regarding their legal matter.

In addition to these resources, each attorney’s case load is intentionally kept at a manageable number so that communicating with clients is easier.

We are highly trained in personal injury case management.

Another benefit of retaining Morris Bart is that each attorney is highly trained on case management, from pre-litigation settlement negotiations to trial techniques.  This ensures that each case is being handled in a timely manner and that matters are resolved as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

However, if a case becomes more complex and takes longer to resolve, you can rest assured that the attorneys at Morris Bart will continue to communicate with you regarding the status of your case.

When hiring a law firm, especially a large one like Morris Bart, it is important to feel comfortable with your attorney and you should expect regular communication.  The many resources and processes that are in place at Morris Bart make sure that each client is given the time and attention they need and that each case is handled effectively and efficiently.

If you were in an accident in Mobile, Alabama, call a Morris Bart attorney today.

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