My child was riding her bicycle in our neighborhood in Lake Charles when a speeding car hit her. Luckily my daughter is still alive, but she had major injuries and we’re having trouble getting the driver’s insurance company to pay for all of it. How can an accident attorney help me with this case?

Serious Injury Compensation Take It Seriously

First, let me extend my deepest condolences to you and to your family for what, I am sure, is a very dark time in your family’s life.  I am relieved to hear that your daughter is recovering.  I would like to tell you that the insurance company will do what is right and that they will make your daughter whole again; unfortunately, the harsh reality is that they will not do so unless they are forced.  The reason for this has to do with the severity of your daughter’s injury. Putting your daughter back in the position she was before the accident would cost a great deal of money to the insurance company.

The insurance company is in the risk business.

Paying huge sums of money does not translate into profit for the insurance company.  What the insurance company is doing in your case is playing the odds, the odds that the injured will not consult accident attorneys.

The adjuster you are corresponding with has been assigned to your claim by the insurance company because you are not represented by an attorney.  This adjuster’s job is to minimize the exposure of the insurance company and get you to release the company from your daughter’s claim in exchange for a woefully low sum of money.

How we, at Morris Bart in Lake Charles, can help you is by getting involved.

The first thing we would do is send a letter to the insurance company instructing them to cease communication with you and to only contact our firm regarding your case.

The second thing we would do is we would make sure your daughter gets to the best doctors and receives the care she needs to get better.

We would then request all of the records and bills from every healthcare provider your daughter had seen, whether facilitated by Morris Bart or otherwise.

Once the above has been completed we would demand that the insurance company pay your daughter: 100 percent of all medical bills she incurred, a reasonable amount of money for her loss of enjoyment of life, and a reasonable amount of money for her past and future pain and suffering.

As I said above, making your daughter whole would cost the insurance company a large amount of money.

Naturally, the insurance company may not want to pay what you feel you deserve.

Morris Bart and his attorneys have been fighting serious injury compensation cases for 35 years and we have gotten great results.  If the insurance company does not come to reason within a reasonable time of our beginning negotiations with them, we will sue them and make the company account to a Louisiana Court of Law why they feel your innocent daughter does not deserve to be made whole.

Mr. Bart’s accident attorneys are in the people business, not the risk business, and we will go the distance and make sure your daughter is protected.  The law is a shield, not a sword, and that is exactly how we intend to use it.

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