You may have heard recently that a number of companies, including Google, are road-testing self-driving cars.  These futuristic automobiles will make it possible for a driver to safely text, talk on the cell phone, or even sleep while being transported to their final destination. 

Self-driving carsmay be the future of automobile technology.  In fact, many argue that self-driving cars are much safer and more efficient than human-controlled vehicles, and may be less likely to cause car accident injuries.  However, before self-driving cars become a part of every household, there are numerous legal issues that must be discussed and resolved.

Who is liable for car accident injuries with self-driving cars?

One of the major issues that must be resolved regarding self-driving vehicles involves liability for accidents.  If a self-driving car is in an accident, who is liable for the car accident injuries sustained in the accident?  Is the driver or owner of the vehicle solely liable, or can you sue the manufacturer of the vehicle as well?

Who is responsible for any criminal acts committed by/in the vehicle?

Another major issue concerns responsibility for criminal acts involving the self-driving vehicle.  Unfortunately, at some point, it is likely that a self-driving vehicle will be involved in a fatal car accident injury.  Can the “driver” be criminally charged for the fatality?  Also, if a self-driving car is caught speeding, could the “driver” receive the ticket?

Will individuals with no licenses or suspended licenses be allowed to “drive?”

Currently, there are many drivers who do not have licenses or their licenses have been suspended.  Will drivers without a legal license be allowed to “drive” a self-driving car?

Will an individual who is intoxicated or under the influence be allowed to “drive?”

As we all know, it is extremely dangerous, as well as illegal, to drive under the influence of alcohol or other substances.  However, will we allow intoxicated individuals to “drive” a self-driving car?

While self-driving cars may be future of automobile technology, it will be interesting to see how we resolve these complex legal issues.

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