Whenever you are injured in a car accident, the importance of immediate treatment is paramount.

The obvious reason is to minimize your injury. If you wait too long to seek treatment then your injures may become more severe, or you may have a longer healing time. Immediate treatment does not mean a trip to your local ER; a visit to your primary care doctor is just as effective at treating injuries and is significantly less expensive.

Yet, if you are experiencing an emergency, the Emergency Room may be your best option. If you contact our office, we can set you up with a doctor in your area who will provide you with an appointment quickly and without any cost to you.

Additionally, if a client waits several weeks before seeking medical treatment, it can appear as if the injury is not as severe as he or she claims. Insurance companies look to minimize an injury if there is a significant delay in seeking treatment by saying, œIf this claimant was really injured in this accident, then why did they wait a month to say anything?  You and your accident attorney in New Orleans may know that you are in pain, but without evidence from a medical professional there is no way to prove that you were injured.

We strive not only to compensate our clients for their injuries, but to help them resolve their injuries to avoid a lifetime of pain and suffering. Remaining consistent with your appointments helps establish the severity of your injury and the pain that accompanies it, not to mention that it is effective in making you feel better!

November 7, 2012 | Categories: Auto Accidents, Legal Tips |