Road rage and aggressive driving seem to be becoming more common these days and, unfortunately, most of us have experienced it in one way or another. Experts don’t know for certain the causes, but many attribute it to the economy, unemployment and political dividedness. Aggressive driving includes acts such as driving fast, tailgating, slamming on brakes, running red lights and cutting across traffic.

In many cases, road rage is incited by aggressive driving and or distracted driving such as texting while driving, talking on the phone, putting on makeup and reading, causing drivers to become irritable, stressed and angry.  As a result, road rage ensues and can encompass anything predatory like intimidating another driver, throwing objects or using a vehicle or weapon to threaten or hurt another driver. These behaviors can lead to a car accident and personal injury to the drivers involved.

Men are More Prone to Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

Men are more likely than women to engage in aggressive behavior and young men in particular are more prone to road rage. The best way to cope with road rage is to simply avoid a confrontation and ignore the other driver’s aggressive behavior. It takes two to tango, so if another driver wants to fight, he or she will find it difficult if they are on their own.

Tips to Avoid Road Rage and Car Accident Injuries

Drive courteously: use signals indicating your intentions, so other drivers are not surprised by your actions; stay far enough back from the vehicle in front of you—it never annoys anyone; change lanes sensibly ensuring that there is plenty of room before making your move; move out of the left lane if you are traveling at a slower pace than the majority of traffic or if someone behind you wants to pass; apologize with an appropriate gesture—it’s amazing how an apology can diffuse a potentially volatile situation. Finally, leave the house 15 minutes earlier so you are not in a hurry, avoiding unnecessary stress and the temptation to speed.

Road Rage and Your Auto Insurance Coverage

It is especially important to know that liability insurance and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage may not pay for damages or bodily injury resulting from road rage-related car accidents. Most policies only cover damages resulting from “accidents” from the perspective of the victim, and road rage is typically the result of an intentional act. Thus, it is even more important for us to maintain self-control, increase alertness and exercise sound judgment. Also, report aggressive drivers to the authorities promptly by getting the license plate number and other identifying information on the car and driver.

The purpose of driving is to get from point A to point B safely—concentrate on that, and leave the dangerous and crazy behavior for the movies.  Moreover, the best reason you have for avoiding road rage and aggressive driving is the safety of you, your family and the innocent people on the road.

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