Riding a motorcycle with friends is not the same as riding alone. All it takes is a moment’s distraction or one showoff to cause multiple riders to crash.


These five safety tips can help you avoid accidents and injuries when riding your motorcycle with friends:

  1. Hold a pre-ride meeting;
  2. Agree on a riding order;
  3. Prepare for your ride;
  4. Do not show off;
  5. And establish a safe riding formation.

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Read on to learn five group biking safety tips:

  1. Hold a Pre-Ride Meeting

Schedule a meeting before your trip to discuss your strategy and iron out any concerns. Agree on where you will stop, meeting points, what to do if you get lost, and for how long you will ride. It is easier to sort out the logistics and concerns a few days before the ride rather than just before you hit the road.

  1. Agree on a Riding Order

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends that you choose a lead and sweep rider before you depart. The leader will ride in the front, and the sweep rider will ride in the back.

The lead rider has a responsibility to inform the group of any obstacles ahead, and the sweep rider will set the pace for the group. All riders in the middle should also stick to a predictable formation.

  1. Prepare for Your Ride

You should have a pre-ride checklist to complete before you saddle up. It should include:

  • Charge your cell phone;
  • Fill your gas tank;
  • Check your helmet, boots, gloves, and jacket for tears and defects;
  • Make sure your headlights work;
  • And pack basic tools to fix your bike if it breaks down.
  1. Do Not Show Off

It can be tempting to play the fool or show off when riding in a group. Avoid trying to impress your friends. All it takes is one mistake to cause a fatal crash.

  1. Establish a Safe Riding Formation

The riding formation is an essential component of group biking safety. You should stagger the riders with the leader on the left side of the lane. The second rider should be one second behind the leader on the right. The third should be behind the second on the left side, and so on.

Do not ride side by side; this will inhibit your ability to maneuver around obstacles.

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