Deepwater Horizon Settlement Program and Your BP Claim

Oil spill claims which have been put on hold or denied will resume for claimants who re-file under the new Deepwater Horizon Court Supervised Settlement Program (DWCSP). The Deep Water Horizon Court Supervised Settlement Program will give new hope and opportunity to those discouraged in the wake of unpaid or denied BP claims.

In lieu of an even more expensive, exhaustive and risky alternative of going to trial for the Gulf oil spill, a settlement was agreed upon between BP and the Plaintiffs Steering Committee instituting the new program. Under the DWCSP, new BP claims as well as old claims from the previous program will be reviewed under a new set of criteria.

Re-filing BP Oil Spill Claims with the Deepwater Horizon Settlement Program

Morris Bart is happy to be helping many of their clients re-file claims in the new system that received unreasonable offers from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF). Having an attorney manage the claims application and process is imperative to correctly calculate losses and get the most possible compensation out of the settlement. Compensation won’t be restricted to a certain dollar amount as there is no monetary limit to the settlement, with the exception of the Seafood Compensation Program.

With the GCCF, only emergency or interim claims were considered, but the new settlement program is more finite, accepting final claims only. An attorney is more important than ever in the new DWCSP system, which is why you should contact Morris Bart today to handle your BP economic loss claim.

The new DWCSP claims system which launched June 4, 2012, replacing the GCCF, is more flexible and transparent than its predecessor. There are several categories of claims that may be processed in the Deep Water Horizon Court Supervised Settlement Program, including the following:

  • Loss of profits and wages for businesses and individuals
  • Personal injury “ If you worked on the BP oil spill clean-up or had oil on your property
  • Loss on the sale of real property
  • Loss and use of enjoyment of real property
  • Physical damage to real or personal property
  • Loss of use of natural resources (subsistence claim) “ For commercial fishermen only
  • Vessel of Opportunity (VoO) related losses

The Court has set an Opt Out date of Oct. 1, 2012, If you do not want to participate in the new BP oil spill settlement program, you will have to file a form by Oct. 1, 2012. The Fairness Hearing where the judge will or will not give final approval to the DWCSP will be held on Nov. 8, 2012.

Get what you deserve out of your BP oil spill claim! Contact the Morris Bart personal injury attorneys today!

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